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SU.HARDW.PC.CPU (2:5020/299) SU.HARDW.PC.CPU From : Alex Grigoriev 2:5020/52 Fri 20 Jun 97 06:55 Subj : K6 bug From: "Alex Grigoriev" AMD (revision guide): 2.3 Interrupts and Exceptions 2.3.1 Interruption of REP MOVS Instruction Products Affected. B stepping Normal Specified Operation. A move string instruction (MOVS) with a REP prefix can be interrupted before the start of its execution by the occurrence of a hardware interruptsuch as NMI, INTR, STPCLK, or SMI. Non-conformance. If a REP MOVS instruction is interrupted after it is decoded, but before the execution of the first iteration of the instructionspecifically, during the initial check for ECX equal to 0and all of the conditions itemized below are true, then the incorrect address size and/or operand segment register is used for the one iteration of the REP MOVS instruction that is executed before the interrupt is recognized. Following is a list of the conditions that must apply to the REP MOVS instruction for this erratum to occur: - An address size override prefix is used - The initial loop count loaded in ECX equals 6 -The interrupt is received internally on exactly one specific clock just as the processor is checking if the initial loop count in ECX equals 0 - The next few instructionsbetween one and fourthat immediately follow the REP MOVS instruction reside in the processors instruction cache, and one of them is a vector-decoded instruction (the complex x86 instructions are typically vector decoded) - The effective address size or operand segment register of the vector-decoded instruction differs from that of the REP MOVS instruction - Certain other relative internal pipeline timing conditions must occur Potential Effect on System. The effect on software is unpredictable. Suggested Workaround. None. Resolution Status. This erratum is corrected in a future stepping of the AMD-K6 processor. - "(m) (c) 1997 AMD" --- ifmail v.2.10 * Origin: Home (2:5020/52@fidonet)

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