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SU.HARDW.PC.CPU (2:5020/299) SU.HARDW.PC.CPU From : Eugen Birkin 2:5000/76.2 Mon 27 Jan 97 20:52 Subj : Cyrix optimization Replying to a message of Vladimir Tinchurin to Eugen Birkin: EB>> ;*********************************************************** EB>> ;* EB>> ;* Cyrix (IBM) 6x86 tuning program EB>> :* Based on "IBM 6x86 BIOS writer guide" (c) 1996, IBM EB>> ;* Written by Eugene Birkin (, 2:5000/76.2@fidonet) EB>> ;* EB>> ;*********************************************************** VT> ? 1. H BIOS settings WT_ALLOC WT_ALLOC Write Allocate (WT_ALLOC) allows L1 cache write misses to cause a cache line allocation. This feature improves the L1 cache hit rate resulting in higher performance especially for Windows applications. 2. ARR7 ( RAM) p: WR_GATHERING, WEAK_WRITE_ORDERING, CACHE_ENABLE Write Gathering (WG) Setting WG=1 enables write gathering for the corresponding address region. With WG enabled, multiple byte, word or dword writes to sequential addresses that would normally occur as individual write cycles are combined and issued as a single write cycle. WG improves bus utilization and should be used for memory regions that are not sensitive to the "gathering." WG can be enabled for both cacheable and non-cacheable regions. Weak Write Ordering (WWO) Setting WWO=1 enables weak write ordering for the corresponding address region. Weak Write Ordering allows the 6x86 microprocessor to retire writes out of sequence to the internal cache only. External write cycles always occur in sequence (strongly ordered). WWO is only applicable to memory regions that have been cached and designated as write-back. WWO should never be enabled for memory mapped I/O. Region Cache Enable (RCE) Setting RCE=1 defines the corresponding address region as cacheable. RCE is applicable to ARR7 only. RCE in combination with ARR7, is intended to define the Main Memory Region. All memory outside ARR7 is non-cacheable when RCE is set. This is intended to define all unused memory space as non-cacheable. If KEN# is negated for an access within a region defined cacheable by RCE, the access is not cached. 3. ;) p FAR COF's in BTB Branch Target Buffer (BTB) In the default state, the 6x86 microprocessor BTB stores target addresses for near change-of-flow instructions (COFs) only. To enhance the performance of the 6x86 microprocessor, the BTB should be configured to store target addresses for both near and far COFs. This feature is controlled through reserved configuration and test registers. 3 p , pp p . VT> Byes, Vladimir Eugen Birkin --- FleetStreet 1.18+ * Origin: C++ Sweet Home BBS, Novosibirsk (2:5000/76.2)

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