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SU.HARDW.PC.CPU (2:5020/299) SU.HARDW.PC.CPU From : Aleksandr Konosevich 2:5004/9 Mon 02 Sep 96 05:31 Subj : pp Cx6x86 p : >--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Re: Multiprocessor features in Cx6x86 The 686 will not work as a dual. The reason why the 686 will not work as a dual is that so far the boards available are not using Openpic specs they are using Intel's APIC specs. Openpic is a symmetric multiprocessors (SMP) spec supporting up to 32 processors, co developded by Cyrix & AMD, W/input form industry leaders like Compaq and IBM. It supports all x86 processors whereas APIC only supports Intel's It allows system vendors the freedom to choose which CPU they desire in Multi processor systems. For more info on OpenPic please chk out our home page, >--------------------------------------------------------------------------- p p ( p , 8))). With best wishes, Aleksandr --- * Origin: ' ! ! !' (2:5004/9)

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