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SU.HARDW.PC.CPU (2:5020/299) SU.HARDW.PC.CPU From : Roman Rusakov 2:5020/322 Mon 02 Jun 97 18:37 Subj : M2==6x86MX Cyrix Launches 6x86MX Processor MMX-enhanced processor delivers Pentium II-class performance at half the price Richardson, Texas -- May 30, 1997 -- Cyrix Corporation today introduced the MMX-enabled 6x86MX processor, formerly code-named M2, which delivers Pentium II-class performance at half the price. The 6x86MX processor enables PC manufacturers to deliver the performance and features of expensive Pentium II systems for under $2,000. The chip also enables Cyrix to continue its leadership role in driving mainstream PC prices below $1,500. According to market research firm Computer Intelligence, the sub-$1,500 category was the fastest growing segment in March, accounting for over 40 percent of all PCs sold in U.S. retail. "Our 6x86 and MediaGX processors were successful in establishing new, aggressive price points for mainstream and entry-level systems," said Jay Swent, acting CEO, Cyrix. "The 6x86MX processor now enables our customers to deliver high-performance, MMX-enabled entertainment PCs in the rapidly growing sub-$1,500 category. Our entire product line offers the best price/performance value in the industry." According to Steve Tobak, vice president of corporate and channel marketing at Cyrix, the company has initiated an aggressive promotional campaign for the 6x86MX processor with advertising, market development and point-of-sale promotions for the retail and VAR channels. "The goal is to transition our existing OEM and distributor customer base seamlessly to the 6x86MX processor while creating end-user demand for this new product in our targeted channels." Delivering Performance The 6x86MX processor provides Winstone 97 performance on par with similarly configured Pentium II systems running at 233 MHz, on Windows 95. On the same benchmark, the chip outperformed all other competitors processors running on identically configured systems. The 6x86MX processor is able to obtain this high level of performance through an enhanced 64K unified cache and a 512 entry branch target buffer (BTB). In addition, the new memory management unit (MMU) consists of a two-level translation look-aside buffer (TLB) that is capable of storing up to 384 unique memory block addresses. These features allow the 6x86MX processor to satisfy a higher percentage of memory accesses on-chip, reducing the need to access slower off-chip memory. Broad Industry Support The strong performance of the 6x86MX processor is obtained using proven socket 7 designs. This will enable motherboard manufacturers to rapidly transition to the new chip. The PC infrastructure will also offer feature enhancements throughout the life of the 6x86MXprocessor, including support for SDRAM, 66 MHz PCI and AGP. Cyrix has qualified motherboards from the following suppliers: Asus, Atrend, BioStar, DFI, ECS, FIC, Gigabyte, Microstar and MTech. Systems based on the 6x86MX processor are available now through Cybermax, USA Flex and numerous other direct channel marketers. In addition, CTX will sell systems based on the chip in the retail channel starting in July 1997. CTX will also be showing a 6x86MX processor-based PC with DVD at the Computex trade show in Taipei on June 2. Broad VAR and dealer channel availability is also expected in July. Price and Availability PR166, PR200 and PR233 versions of the Cyrix 6x86MX processor are available now, priced at $190, $240 and $320, respectively, in quantities of 1,000. A PR266 version is expected in Q4 1997. The 6x86MX processor is currently manufactured on IBMs .35m five-layer metal CMOS process, and is expected to transition to a .25m process in early 1998. Cyrix expects a PR300 version to be available in that timeframe. Cyrix Corporation Cyrix Corporation, headquartered in Richardson, Texas, is a leading supplier of high-performance processors to the personal computer industry. Founded in 1988, the company designs, manufactures and markets innovative Windows-compatible processors. Cyrix customers include Acer, Apple, AST, Compaq, CTX, Cybermax, Fujitsu, IBM, Samsung and Vobis. The Cyrix 6x86 processor has been recognized for its performance with awards from a number of publications, including BYTE Magazines Best Technology at CeBIT96, Computer Reseller News Editors Choice Award, PC Weeks Corporate IT Excellence Award and Computer Shoppers Direct Channel Achievement Award. Any forward-looking statements in the above release involve risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ from the present anticipated results. These risks and uncertainties include but are not limited to the following: market demand and acceptance of our microprocessor products; the impact of changing economic conditions; product introductions; the verification of our microprocessors compatibility with industry-standard hardware and software; the maintenance of sufficient cash flow; reliance on third-parties; the impact of market peers and their products as well as risks concerning future technology; and others detailed in the Companys Securities and Exchange Commission filings. These filings can be obtained by contacting Cyrix Investor Relations. Cyrix is a registered trademark and 6x86MX, MediaGX and 6x86 are trademarks of Cyrix Corporation. Pentium is a registered trademark and MMX is a trademark of Intel Corporation. All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Roman --- GD # 2.50+ * Origin: Traffic at the Edge of Chaos (2:5020/322)

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