T-90 Main Battle Tank

This tank is intended to equip the mechanized infantry and tank subunits of the Army, increase their fire power, mobility, and protection levels.

The tank is armed with a 125mm 2A46M smoothbore gun, stabilized In two planes, coaxial 7.62mm PKT machine gun and 12.7mm AD machine gun mount to fire against air and ground targets. The tank is fitted with precision laying equipment to deliver aimed fire against air and ground targets, as well as an automatic loader to guarantee a high rate of gun fire. The gun is fitted with a thermal sleeve. The design of the gun tube and breech ring means that the tube can be changed from within the turret without dismantling the gun.

The ammunition allowance comprises APDS, HEAT and HE-FRAG projectiles. The tank is also capable of firing shrapnel projectiles with time fuzes. The use of the Refleks 9M119 guided missile system with actual 9M119M missile with a hollow-charge warhead considerably increases fire effectiveness against hard skin targets and low-flying helicopters. The missile is fed by an automatic loader launched through the gun tube and then guided on a laser beam at a range of 5 km.

The T-90 is reliably protected against conventional weapons (projectiles, ATGM warheads, mines, splinters, small arms bullets, etc.). For the first time the T-90 was provided with the Shtora-1, optronic counter measures system. The system protects tanks from aimed fire by enemy semi-automatically guided ATGMs and jams enemy fire-control means with laser target designation and rangefinders operating on similar principles. The system comprises optronic illuminator and aerosol screening device.

To attain the required level of protection, the tank is fitted with combined "passive" and "active" devices - conventional armor plates and explosive reactive armor package. The tank is also fitted with the NBC protection system. The mounted mineclearing equipment prevents possible mine explosions under tank bottom and tracks.

The T-90 is powered by the V-84MS 618 kW (840 hp) four-stroke V-12 piston multi-fuel diesel engine. In addition to diesel fuel, the diesel engine can also run on T-2, TS-1 kerosene and A-72 benzine. The capacity of the main fuel tanks with additional fuel drums amounts to 1,600 litres, including 705 litre tanks protected by armor plates. The fuel system incorporates a special setting device to use arbitrary two standard fuel drums, 200 and 275 litres each. The tank crew can prepare fording equipment within 20 minutes to negotiate 5 meter deep water obstacles.

Combat weight, t
Crew, men
125mm 2A46M smoothbore gun stabilized in two planes
7.62 mm, PKT со-axial machine gun
12.7 mm, NSVT-12.7 AD machine gun
5.45 mm, AKS-74, assault rifle in a stowage rack
3UBKI4 guided weapon system with guided missile 9M119
3UBK20 guided weapon system with guided missile 9M119M
Firing range, m
from 100 to 5.000
2A46M gun, rds
including 22 ready for use in a carousel loader
PKT machine gun, cartridges
NSVT-12.7 AD machine gun, cartridges
AKS-74, assault rifle, cartridges
Fire-control system
1A45T, automatic fire-control system (guided missiles excluded) with a commander fire-control override.
Gunner sighting system:
1A43 day sight, rangefinder sight, 1G46 laying device, 1V528-1 ballistic computer, DVE-BS wind gauge, TO1-KO1 infra-red vision equipment, TPN4-49-23 Buran-PA or Agava-2 sight. Buran-PA can identify targets at a range of 1.200 meters in passive mode of operation and 1.500 meters in active mode.
Commander sighting system:
PNK-4S commander sight, TKN-4S (Agat-S) nightly sight can identify targets at a range of 700 meters in passive mode of operation and 800 meters in active mode.
Armament stabilizer
2E42-4, electromechanically operated in horizontal plane and electrohydraulically operated in vertical plane.
AD machine gun sight
AD machine gun fire-control system
1ETs29 with vertical stabilization
antiprojectile PAZ, Shtora-1 optronic counter measures system.
UHF R-163-504 radio set and UHF R-163-UP radio-receiver
Drivers infra-red night vision device
four-stroke V-84MS diesel engine developing 618 KW (840 hp)
Fuel tanks capacity, ltr
Road range, km:
- on highway
- on earth road
Ground pressure, kg/cm^2

`Russia's Arms` catalog, 1996-1997

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