The several facts about me you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask :)

Surprised ?

Me too ! Everything in this life happens in the first time, and make us surprised, if happens at all. It was my ever first birthday. As you may guess this photo was taken a year after the day I was born - October 10, 1972.

If you still did not not understand this is my homepage. My name is Maxim Nikolayevich Volkonovsky. I was born in Moscow in October 10, 1972. As you can easily compute this happened more than twenty four years ago. There was a time of "progressive socialism" in USSR, and the main goal had been set up by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union for all soviet children was to eat more and to grow faster. Day by day, year by year, I ate and slept, ate and slept... and grew large enough to get into the school. I was six years old. Unfortunately all photos of this event dated September 1, 1979 I have, show that this day was not a holiday in my life. I looked glossy and gloomy...

Never the less till most recent years one of the main things I did was studying. I went to school when I was six. By following ten years I have changed four schools (if you want to know: these were Moscow schools N569, N872, N507 and N542) and the last one was specialised physical-mathematics school at the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI)


Year 1980


Year 1982


Year 1989

It was the place I have met my first computer, wrote and ran my first computer program. The school's computer centre gave me good friends and excellent computer background. It is the place I have started my career. This school allowed me to prepare to enter the college. So in 1989 I have finished school and became a MEPhI student.

I studied at the Faculty of Cybernetics in groups Kx-06 (Dept. 29) and then Kx-02a (Dept. 22 or Cybernetics Department). I think that I got good scientific preparation there. I have successfully graduated from MEPhI in 1995 with M.S. Diploma in the field of applied mathematics.

This year I have entered postgraduate study and now learning at the Cybernetics department of the MEPhI.

Since the very first time I have met computers they were not just a kind of hobby. In 1989 being studied last year in a school I worked in the BIT company. Main programs I have wrote there were the Pascal graphics library for MSX computers, and L-Graph training system (subset of the LOGO language) for MSX and IBM PC computers. In 1991 this system was awarded by the Silver Medal of the National Economy Achievements Exhibition of the USSR.

From the 1992 summer I worked in PROFI company. This firm have developed original computer compatible with ZX-Spectrum and running CP/M. For this computer I have programmed telecommunication toolkit including COM port driver, terminal with X/Y/Z-modem transfer protocols, and a set of programs to work as FIDOnet Technology Network compatible point system.

In 1994 I came to Logos where work up to the present time. There in Logos I have participated in two large projects. One of them was creating software for BMP-2 AVF trainer-simulator by the order of the Russian Army. This work was awarded Government's Prize in the Field of Science and Technology in 1995. The second project was the action 3D computer game "Russian Roulette".

As for my hobby - I have not hobby at all. Some times I had different passions: conducted chemical experiments, collected bottle labels, cigarette boxes, coins... Part of these collections still exists, I ever update them time by time, but no one became the true hobby. Now I am interesting in modern military technic and weapon systems, listen good music (from Louis Armstrong to Black Sabbath), drink beer, sometimes see comedies, films with good computer graphics and read some brain-damaged books...

If you a male just skip this paragraph, otherwise you may be interesting to know that I am single and will be glad to meet girlfriend. Just drop me a letter !

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